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  1. like this one better, subtle colors..

  2. The colour appeals more in this case.

  3. +raymond samson +Sumit Sen think that I agree – I have a bias towards monochrome and I have to remember to allow for that sometimes :)

  4. Simple yet super cool!!!

  5. there's just something about those subtle pinks and greens , they work well together . . . I keep going back and forth between the two . . . like both actually . and with the b&w you get more of a 'corridor' effect with those lines on the right .

  6. Thanks +Jules Hunter this shot is a couple years old and I've never been able to decide between the two. Part of the reason for putting them both out. Like the 'corridor effect' thought – makes a lot of sense in retrospect.

  7. +Steve Johnson and now you can imagine me telling you that with an english accent ; )

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