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  1. TIL there's a desktop version of snapseed…

  2. +Elizabeth Snader Me too – this image is way over the top but it is really good for more subtle edits – I run it as an external editor for Lightroom 4 – they compliment each other well.

  3. +Marco Fadini The only downside with the desktop version is that it costs $20 :)

  4. Over the top? Maybe. Maybe not. I like it. More of a graphic now than a photo but the treatment suits the image.

  5. desktop version isn't free and it's hard to do it on the phone

  6. As an external editor for LR I had some fun with CameraBag 2 http://nevercenter.com/camerabag/desktop/

  7. I like this image very much. Don't think it's way over the top at all. The complimentary colors are fantastic.

  8. Thanks +Alfie Goodrich definitely more of a graphic :)

  9. +raymond samson yup $20 – I do use the iPhone version a lot – I like it but the lack of zoom means that there is an element of winging it.

  10. Thanks +Elizabeth Snader spot on re the complimentaries – pleased you saw that. The vignette came out heavier than I thought it would.

  11. +Marco Fadini never tried camera bag – going to have a look now.

  12. ha!  How's the desktop version??? been considering it myself for a long time now :)  Let me know what u think +Steve Johnson :)

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