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  1. Ah very cool . . . Let the games begin! I'll have to come up with something for you later ; ) listening to the darts , it's raining on top of the pops , thanks for the tip .

  2. +Jules Falk Hunter Game on – be warned that my wife has not thrown away a single game ever :) 

  3. +raymond samson Thanks Raymond much appreciated 

  4. I love all the special little gadgets too
    amazing what fun can be had without spending all of your 401k

  5. +eleisa barbour agree totally – a lot can be done with a very small outlay. The cheap fixes are also a great way to test an idea or whether a bigger outlay would be justified. 

  6. +Steve Johnson I'm going to have to start digging in the attic . . . I did post you some tiny dice though from my mah jong game : ) 

  7. +Jules Falk Hunter saw the dice – very cool. The basement is definitely going to get a visit later today.

  8. +Steve Johnson  : )   and I know I've got some marbles around here somewhere . . .  see you later for more fun and games! 

  9. +eleisa barbour have something similar but a wide angle – on my D40X if gives a usable efl of around 17mm when attached to the kit 22 – 55 mm lens. Bit soft but have used it for published work. Also has the 10x macro diopter as part of the kit.

    The resulting pics are certainly good enough for most purposes – especially with a little help from Lightroom.

  10. I have this fisheye/macro, the 1x 2x 4x 10x set of diopter lens, extension tubes plus my pre-digital lenses. You are so right about using them to get the feel of what you want to do before the major expense for a specialty lens…  oh and my camera is a Nikon D50

  11. D50 current price on amazon $1,909.80 :)

  12. Awesome image, Stephen…

  13. Thanks +Shawn McClure and bonus points for the correct spelling of my name ;)

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