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  1. We sure know how to screw up a perfectly good coast line, don't we?

  2. wow that sure is. great photo

  3. Nice shot.The beauty and the beast!

  4. Great shot. Looks just like Sparrows Point in Baltimore. But putting a steel mill on the water is what allows the ships to haul the steel away. Tuff to get rid of if you want to keep jobs around.

  5. +Tom Arbour Definitely – this particular steel mill is owned by a company who previously only operated in developing nations as wages were low and environmental regulations non existent – bargain basement end of the market. The US became viable to their business model about eight years ago.

  6. Sparrows Point in Baltimore went belly up and was bought out by a Russian outfit. Only make cold rolled steel now. Glory days are over.

  7. +w. scott broadfoot This is North Indiana so their are Mills all along the coast – US Steel is about three miles West and what used to be Inland a few miles further from their. It's all pretty desperate now. I know a lot of people that had to take a job after they retired because they were screwed out of pensions that they had worked for for decades.

  8. +Greg Murray very well put. +Melissa Hadley Thanks – I really do think industrial settings are aesthetically beautiful.

  9. Interesting Steve, same thing happen here. Pensions and medical lost, not to mention lots of Methothelioma lawsuits. It has been tuff to watch the sunset on what was once the pride of the port and provided thousands of jobs to good hard working people. Cheap steel from overseas pretty well sealed their fate.

  10. power and greed..strong image..

  11. +Hope OHara – Power and greed?? Not too sure that accurately describes the history of steel mills.

  12. great photo and a provocative title

  13. +w. scott broadfoot yup -that was pretty inevitable though unfortunately +Hope OHara thanks! the history is certainly interesting and the race to the bottom has made things a lot more cut throat. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence – how's your day?

  14. +C.J. Shane Thanks – There are many contradictions implied. When I lived there I used to swim in the water exactly where the photo was shot – my house was 100 yards away and it was idyllic – steel mills at both ends and swimming in clear water between them. For an added dose of surrealness I'd swim when the air show was on – nothing like the National Park described scenario with an f16 about 100ft overhead. An extra layer of contradiction – this is a National Park (the freshwater dunes). The city? highest pro rata murder rate in the US for several years, dropped to number two or three lately.

    I miss the place.

  15. This reminds me of the nuclear power plant I saw when I visited the Indiana Dunes.

  16. +Lawrence del Mundo So far, so good, Bud. Thanks for asking. Hope you had a full day with lots of episodes of 'work avoidance'. :)

  17. +Steve Johnson I think it can be read in different levels, too. That makes it even more interesting. ~~Shane

  18. +Lawrence del Mundo Failed miserably on the work avoidance front today – will try harder tomorrow – I must lack the commitment or something (:

  19. +Steve Johnson Lol. Failure in work avoidance can affect your output here in G+ so I wish you better luck. ;)

  20. So very Interesting. So much energy

  21. +Daniel Chen I didn't know there was one – that is worrying! As far as I know they were going to build one in Michigan City (which is in this part of Indiana) but local protests halted it. Mind you – nothing would surprise me with our local politicos!

  22. +Lisa RedWillow Interesting it certainly is – a very contradictory place.

  23. Love the contrast. Great shot!

  24. Menacing. The light/shadow play and the subject. Yet beautiful.

  25. great contrast! nature vs. industry. top shot and beautiful sea FX

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