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  1. I see it now. So sexy! :P

  2. +Gene Bowker +Natosha Davis Care to enlighten the rest of us? :)

  3. +Natosha Davis curates +Powerline Friday and loves anything to do with these things =)

  4. whenever I see one.. she pops in my head =)

  5. +Gene Bowker I knew there was a #cableicous but #powerlinefriday is new to me.This place is confusing :)

  6. yeah.. there are so many themes that I can't keep up =)

  7. +Steve Johnson just check my theme out this Friday. It's electric!

  8. +Natosha Davis Most definitely – if it involves wires and electricity I'm there :)

  9. The entries for #powerlinefriday are shocking most often!
    Yup! I had to! +Natosha Davis

  10. lol yes they're shocking +Greg Murray …I have to agree! And yes you did :)

  11. PS I was driving today and the thought occurred to me that +Gene Bowker said he thinks of me when he sees powerlines then my next thought was Gene pops in my head when I see trains!

  12. Oh if only I could share what triggers thoughts of certain people here on G+. It's best left unsaid!

  13. oh no no no now Mr. +Greg Murray you must share!! :)

  14. +Greg Murray Agree with +Natosha Davis it would be rude not to share :)

  15. When I see nice light I think of +Steve Johnson
    Happy now? +Natosha Davis

  16. I thought it'd be "juicier" than that but nice light and +Steve Johnson will suffice ;)

  17. +Natosha Davis It could have been a whole lot worse :)

  18. This may be so +Steve Johnson but I'm always curious what is really going on in people's minds. :)

  19. my mind is a confusing place

  20. +Natosha Davis that is something we are destined to never know for sure. Think I am with +Gene Bowker on this – I have enough trouble dealing with one mind – my own. :)

  21. Hm, you've a point there +Steve Johnson ….too bad I lost mine! :D

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