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  1. Goodmornig +Steve Johnson and goodluck keeping a bit dry

  2. Hello Steve, sorry to hear about the weather, but that is an excellent photo!

  3. +John RedStar Thanks! Plan to remain on the dry side of that window (: – for today at least.

  4. +Francis Gorrez Thanks Francis – It does make for some good photos as we live in a town center – but I do get a twinge of guilt with shots like these – usually taken from a warm comfortable armchair with a mug of coffee on the table. Never quire guilty enough not to take the shot though.

  5. The feeling is really coming across here – nice work, love the tones :) +Steve Johnson

  6. +JUNE FERROL Thanks June, on a technical note I really like working with hard rain because of its affect on tones. I really did feel sorry for her but there wasn't much that I could do.

  7. Yeah, gonna be rainy here too! Love the mood to this

  8. top shot!+100


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