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  1. Best – Title – EVER!
    And gorgeous pic, love the colour

  2. Thanks +Gord Birch re the title I just drew a complete blank so descriptive had to do :)

  3. This picture makes me want coleslaw….

  4. +Donovan James King Definitely got a cabbage (or cale) vibe – but it was in a flower border so guess it isn't edible.

  5. It is a wonderful color, DOF, and composition combo.  

  6. It's called 'decorative' cabbage. It is edible if it's boiled, but not all that tasty. However, Roses are edible too, and yet, are in the flower section at local florists. :) Lovely shot btw.

  7. +Carrie Blakley Thanks – I did wonder. I will put dandelion leaves in salads so am not totally adverse to a bit of experimenting. :)

  8. I like that "Curly Purple Stuff" :) :) Do you know what it is?!

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