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  1. Beautiful photo and makes me think of Leonard Cohen's song, Dance Me to the End of Time.

  2. Thanks – that would have made a better title than mine – especially as I listen to  Leonard Cohen a lot. The title actually comes from a set of books by Michael Moorcock.

  3. I do too. I love Leonard Cohen.

  4. Me too – often have his songs playing in my head when taking photographs.

  5. Thanks +raymond samson - just to prove that I do shoot people occasionally and not just things :)

  6. Was a pleasant surprise to see this post.

  7. Boogie Street has a lot of interesting images in it. All of his songs do though. They would make an interesting collection of photographs.

  8. Couldn't agree more – that is one show that I'd make a point of going to if it ever happened ;)

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