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  1. Wonderful shot, I like the depht of field and the bokeh! Great light!

  2. +John Frenzel got it in one John. The unknown though is the figure in the background – i.e will the future just turn into more of the same (another king) or will it really be different (queen).

  3. another perfect shot Steve ….. and a brilliant titel

  4. +Dirk Nabel Thanks Dirk – 'First thought was 'The King is Dead' but that was a little to obvious – even for me :)

  5. +Martin OBER Thanks Martin – fair bit of post production with this one but the initial light was nice.

  6. Fabulous!!! love this :)

  7. What a beauty. I love the dark light, the vignette and the bokeh. Great!

  8. great image – powerful

  9. +Joe Cagus +Tom McLaughlan +JUNE FERROL Thank you all for the kind comments – really appreciated.

  10. Such a lovely feel to this shot, inspirational, minimal stuff!

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