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  1. love it!!! got one for you , coming right up  : ) 

  2. Thanks +raymond samson Yet another narrow dof :)

  3. nice one but why u captured it with iso 1600?

  4. +Mäţĥyö Mësřopiäñ Good question:
    Artistic and technical – even at ISO 1600 the shutter speed was only 1/200 and I didn't want to go below this (hand held closeup in available light). Re bumping up the aperture – The lens isn't a fast one but that wouldn't have really mattered as I didn't want the dof to be any smaller.

     Artistically a bit of grain suits this type of image in my opinion. 

    Foe what its worth I did use the in camera noise reduction and a tiny bit of the same in Lightroom.

    Hope that makes sense :)

  5. Must have really steady hands steve

  6. Hi +raymond samson I was sitting down elbows on the worktop – I am not sure how the math works for close up shots but would think that the rule of thumb minimum shutter speed  = 1/focal length wouldn't apply but I could very well be wrong. (that would have given a minimum usable of 1/125 in this case.

  7. Must be right given the results.

  8. May I know what lens are you using here?? Are they Prime??

  9. +BuntZ Mehta Thanks for the compliment –  this is where it gets embarrasing (as in cheap). The lens is an old 22 mm – 80 mm zoom kit lens for a Nikon film camera (N55 I think) with a 10x diopter on the front. Editing is done in Lightroom 4 and I tend to work with a high ISO with ambient lighting. 

  10. Absolutely you know your ropes!!! Hence the perfect picture!! :)

  11. On a good day – don't think I'll ever get the perfect picture though :)

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