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  1. Very interesting perspective!

  2. Fantastic image with great use of reflections, lines and dark muted tones.

  3. Thanks +Heri Aheck Nur +Holger Drallmeyer +Mark Tyler and +Nick Nicholson In the interest of full disclosure the reflections are not reflections. I've been mucking around with Hipstamatic for a couple of days and this is one of the weirder 'lenses'.

  4. so wonderfully clear . . . love the warmth of those reflections : )

  5. Thanks +Lee J Campbell :) +Jules Falk Hunter thanks – Hipstamatic did most of the work to be honest – I did a little bit in Lightroom but nothing major.

  6. What does this look like if you flip it upside down and make the "reflection" the real world? I am guessing it would just make it trippier, but who knows!

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