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  1. very nice composition, Steve!

  2. +Bernd Schaefers Thanks! – wow is one of my favorite compliments -seriously :) +Christoph Sochanowski Thanks! at the moment I'm trying to get better at square compositions so I am going through my archives and seeing if images that were originally composed as rectangles can produce as good a composition when cropped square. Surprising how often a composition can be changed without apparent detriment. Am also mucking around with frames – which seem to work better on squares than rectangles – I have a hunch as to why but am not 100% sure at the moment.

  3. +Steve Johnson you'll never be sure, but this is actually the exciting aspect about the whole creative process

  4. +Christoph Sochanowski Couldn't agree more – It is all process and knowing whether something was going to work would kill that stone dead.

  5. What's up with you +Steve Simons? You are after Dice and Marbles now. Amazing work!!! Loved it.

  6. +Paras Shah Thanks! I like +Steve Simons work a lot – didn't know he was doing dice and marble shots :)

  7. Lovely reflections, great shot

  8. +Steve Johnson nice catch :) Of course, this time i meant you (no offence +Steve Simons, you are amazing too :))

  9. +Paras Shah Absolutely non taken – right the opposite :)

  10. +Joseph Eckert Thanks Joseph! +David Kaiser Thanks! – looking forward to more Dough and dino photography :)

  11. Cool – at first glance I thought they were suspended in midair.

  12. +Barrie Brewer Strangely enough that was the exact purpose of this shoot – dice suspended in mid air – this was just one I took and processed for myself.

  13. Interesting — I didn't get a notification that I was mentioned in this post, so apparently Google+ doesn't notify if you're mentioned in an edit. Good to know.

    Great shot, by the way!

  14. +Matt Soave Thanks Matt, – that is worth knowing re edits not prompting the notifier system.

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