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  1. Nice blur and tones…

  2. +Jerry Kiesewetter Yup but originally by the Dubliners(about Salford N. England) but the Pogues version is the one that always comes to mind – loads of others have played or recorded versions including Rod Stewart and U2.

  3. Wonderful shot, my Friend! I have missed so many of your work avoidance outputs as of late. Glad to be back floating down your stream. :)

  4. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence – unfortunately Ii am failing to live up to my previous high work avoidance standards and have been putting in far to many 14 hour days lately. This really tees me off – about 5 hour is my ideal :) That is why I haven't spent as much time as I'd like watching the stream.

  5. Great capture! I like it! :) Thank you, Steve.

  6. +Steve Johnson You're not alone, Mate. I have somewhat lost 'steam' myself, but do try to keep up with the stream as much as I can. I always make sure to drop by and say hello to the folks who I 'hang out' with in Beta Days. :D

  7. +Lawrence del Mundo Likewise Lawrence – I think that there are around 20 people or so from that time that I will go looking for if I miss them for a couple of days.

  8. The slats look like strings on a guitar.

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