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  1. Great perspective. Would like to see a bit of light on the right side to remove the shadows. Not sure if I'd like it better without them or not…

  2. Interestlingly enough, I only manage to focus on the left point of where the to nearest bricks meet, because the nearest brick is slightly out of line. My eyes follows the perspective of the photo, but then instantly returns to this point… :)

  3. Interesting way of playing with perspective. Very nice result.

  4. +Steve Karolek +Erol Haagenrud

    For what it is worth here were my thoughts when setting up this shot:

    To address both points: The problem with this photograph was that I wanted an image that was symmetrical to make a point yet mirror symmetry rarely works as it leads to a static, lifeless result. It is a lazy way to achieve balance in an image. Therefore, the slight deviations, i.e. the shadow and the alignment being slightly off were completely intentional. Originally I thought that the asymmetry of the twos would be enough but it wasn't.

  5. There's a spot of something in the white field in the lower right that's drawing my eye. I really like the slight curve to the left at the very end of the dominoes. And overall I love the concept. It takes stopping and observing to realize this isn't just another foggy jetty shot.

  6. +Steve Johnson Thank you, it was nice to know the asymmetry was done intentionally.
    Actually, this was an eye-opener for me. When experimenting with perspectives like this I have always aimed at having the most interesting part of the photo at the end of the "jetty". Now I realize it's not nescesarry at all.

  7. +Erol Haagenrud Pleasure :) I do have a version as you describe, with the end of the 'jetty' sharp. Identical in every way other than that – will post it later today.

  8. +Eric Hunt Thanks! The spot would mean that I've posted the wrong version. I am on my netbook at the moment which is very small, and the monitor is far from the best so I cannot see it. I'll check it on my production setup later today. Thanks for the heads up – that was definitely not intentional.

  9. Wow! Love this! Originality and imagination – nicely done!

  10. +Steve Johnson Whether intentional or not, I think you picked the perfect domino # to draw in the viewers attention (5).

  11. +Jimmie Fisher Thanks Jimmie, I do have the version with the focus on the farthest domino – it is in a Lightroom catalog somewhere! – This one did work better though. +Karen Boyd Thanks and thanks loads for the reshare :) +josh h Thanks

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