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  1. the only tea I drink : )   nice cosy atmosphere . . . tea and books . . . great combination .

  2. Thanks +Jules Falk Hunter I'm more of a coffee and Netflix person myself but the US side of the marraige likes her tea and books :)

  3. very beautiful and different.

  4. I drink coffee till about 2 and then switch to earl grey : ) I'm a slow reader , but my kids are encouraging me to read more in my old age ; ) always up for a good film!

  5. This is almost painting-like. Excellent.

  6. +Jules Falk Hunter after I turned 50 I had to give up the late coffee – anything after around 3 pm ruins the nights sleep :) I do read books but only about ten pages a day on average.

  7. +H.N. James Thanks – messing around with Hipstamatic at the moment hence the wierdness and lack of consistency :)

  8. Cozy atmosphere here +Steve Johnson Matches the tea color :-)

  9. Thanks +Aleka Iakovidou My wife likes cozy – and it shows :)

  10. +Steve Johnson same on the coffee, although not quite 50 yet ; )  I average less then 10 pages . . . need to up that if I'm ever going to get through infinite jest, the book the kids have set as our family book club book !

  11. Infinite Jest is on my list but I am certainly not expecting an easy read! The plot looks hellishly complex.

  12. +Steve Johnson I must admit I haven't got through the forward yet . . . will attempt more today as it's a rather wet gloomy one at this end, very conducive for curling up with a coffee and  book  : )

  13. +Jules Falk Hunter let me know how it goes – I've heard differing reports (nearly all favorable though). Hope the gloom lifts tomorrow ;)

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