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  1. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, the spider webs that connect us! Beautiful picture. Thanks for sharing!

  3. +Thomas Jäger Thanks – my pleasure +Mark Rivera Isn't that the truth – thanks.

  4. Beautiful shot… thanks!

  5. Thanks +Kim Smith it was pure luck – I was on route to the right party at the right time :)

  6. And their lights were on when you got there and the music was playing ! Thanks to those lines in the sky.

  7. +Kim Smith 
    Exactly – very important lines :) 

  8. Wonderful shot. Just think in the future there will be no lines just as there weren't any in the past. +Steve Johnson 

  9. +Greg Murray Do you think they will bury lines in Rural parts too?  Not sure I will be around to see that.  I may miss some of them.

  10. +Kim Smith I don't think there will be anything to bury in the future as that will not be how power will be transferred from one place to the other because basically in a lot of the world it won't need to be transferred at all. I don't think I will be around to see it either.

  11. +Greg Murray +Kim Smith This was shot on the major rout across NW Indiana that runs very close to Lake Michigan. Lots of steel mills, sprawl etc.  I wasn't born in the US (as you know Greg) and was surprised that wires in situations like this were not below ground to be honest. 

  12. +Sam Weinstein Thanks Sam – this one really was pure luck and not really my normal type of shot.

  13. Luck is always good Steve ;)  yes, i noted that too (not your normal shot)… really dramatic!

  14. With all the fiber optic cable under ground I am puzzled as to why the rest of it isn't as well. +Steve Johnson 

  15. +Greg Murray Legacy I guess – if n body is enforcing something and there is no profit in doing it it probably won't get done.

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