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  1. Thanks for including me Steve!

  2. Ah I thought something was up this afternoon! Thanks again for managing all of this and the offer still stand if I can ever help in any way.

  3. +Chris Miller Thanks Chris – at the moment it is really straightforward – I can update things and watch crap TV (my weakness) at the same time now that I have a routine. If ever Group.as allows moderators etc or passwords that are not Google ID numbers I will be in touch – promise (:
    Really appreciated btw.

  4. +Jason Grace thanks for sharing this – really appreciated (:

  5. +Steve Johnson Hmmm… I'm assuming I didn't make the cut because I just surpassed 1000?

  6. +Jimmie Fisher Jimmie – you didn't make it because of a screw up by me – I added you to the group,as list but didn't put you in my own equivalent circle – really sorry about that. Rectified now so the next time I put the emerging photographers (A to J) circle out (in a few days) your name will be there.

    FWIW I'm fairly liberal on the count – unofficially anything up to about 1100 gets in.

    Again, apologies.

  7. +Steve Johnson Hey, no apologies necessary. I was beginning to get a complex. I thought maybe you didn't like me :) Thanks so much!

  8. +Jimmie Fisher ha! this may be really sad but I deliberately set things up so that I or anyone else that may get involved later, couldn't 'game' it or play favorites. As I've said before, I am merely the data entry clerk. (:

  9. +Steve Johnson – Although Google had previously granted me "silver verification" as Wayward Pixel, I have now had to change my G+ name to Marianne Adelaide. Hope this doesn't cause too many problems. I remember some time ago, when I was on the cusp of 1,500, that I wasn't included in any Emerging circle. I notice that in the circle above I still appear as Wayward Pixel but am happy to be included under either name.

  10. +Marianne Adelaide Marianne (WP) – the original problem was my fault (I think) – I am pretty sure that name changes don't change anything as the underlying stuff is all based on Google ID Number. You are the second person in the Emerging Photographer group that this has happened to and we haven't hit any problems yet. If anything is wrong just let me know (:

  11. Steve Thanks for sharing this

  12. +Gustavo Mondragon My pleasure – really is a labor of love (:

  13. Thanks for this Steve! :-)

  14. Hi +Steve Johnson – You circled me a little while ago and I was wondering if I would qualify in this category? Please have a look at my work and decide for yourself.

    Many thanks,

    +Grant Murray

  15. +Grant Murray Grant – you are too popular! seriously, the entry bar is less than 1,000 circles for the other group – there is no direct entry into this group – just via the initial group. The idea was to give photographers a fast track to becoming extablished here – you have already done that!

    I don't pass any judgement (I haven't the time or patience to get involved with the potential fallout! – it really is all on the numbers.

  16. Sorry +Steve Johnson, I didn't know that was the criteria. I saw some of my good friends like Nathan Wirth in the emerging circle and I know that his following is heading towards 10,000. Not a problem my friend. Have a great night.

  17. +Catherine Vibert My pleasure – and thanks for the share (:

  18. Wow! I didn't know about this list. Thank you so much for including me!

  19. +Kelli Seeger Kim Pleasure – someone must have nominated you in the early days (i.e. about a month ago) I suspect. Thanks for the reshare btw (:

  20. Hey +Steve Johnson thanks for including me here…much appreciated.

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