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  1. dinos so cool do you think Dough can play with them? +Steve Johnson

  2. We had fun with my daughter watching them thanks mate^^

  3. Admit it, you were playing Jurassic Park Part XIX whilst your kid was either taking a nap or was in school lol

  4. Dinos and Monochrome.. Nice Combination :)

  5. Looks like you were having a little too much fun! Can I play? :)

  6. +David Kaiser ha! I actually thought about dough when I was rooting through my toy props box

  7. :)) he is pleased to hear that

  8. +Cheryl Harris sure no problem! +Sam Albuquerque +Darren Humphries Thanks! +Lynda BowyerNo kids which is probably why I get time to do this :) +Chiara Robinson pleasure :) +Jon Savage fun to do -but I did learn a lot – honest!

  9. I have a thing for dinosaurs. Really interesting set.

  10. +Evelyn Lamprey Thank Evelyn – I find it really does make a difference when I'm trying to learn something if I can use things I can relate to – even if they are small and plastic. Aged 10-11 I was obsessed with two things, Dinosaurs and Astronomy.

  11. +Steve Johnson successful experiments Steve! :)

  12. Better late than never Steve :)) a really nice album

  13. +Lars Pixel Clausen Thanks Lars – I had been planning this session for a bit and thought it would be good to kill two birds with one stone so to speak – yesterday just got away from me to be honest.

  14. +Dirk Nabel I managed to predict the effects exactly zero times which meant that I learnt a lot so I was happy with the couple of hours I spent on this – it was fun though :)

  15. Ditto – so many great shots here!

  16. +Steve Johnson I know exactly what you are speaking of …. someday I'll show you the development of an portrait shooting with a set of borrowed flashlights,beauty dish and so on ;) … it took us hours , but it was fun and i learned a lot

  17. +Dirk Nabel 100 times more useful than the howto recipe type tutorials and books that basically give a list of settings but zero information on the first principles.

  18. +Steve Johnson I've got nothing to add …. all said :)

  19. i LOVE this series!!! maybe this is what art is… a adult with piles of skills and techniques..and gadgets ;)… hands over his eye sockets to the eyes of his child-that-was. and they breathe new life into one another.

  20. +Emily Lambert Thanks Emily :) It is great fun because the problems I am working on are normal photography type issues but it is a great excuse to get mo toy box out. My wife had a similar sort of reaction (she is a painter and a writer)- she came in while I was working on these then saw the images and said she was blown away by how a few tiny cheap plastic toys on a battered wooden box end up looking like the photographs. To me the process is as natural as breathing, I look at something and frame it in my minds eye, I forget that most people don't do this.

  21. I've always suspected that it's our children who are the artists within us ;)

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