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  1. An interesting take on fake tilt-shift, very nice picture!

  2. +Mattias Eriksson Thanks – I am not into enough to splash out on a dedicated lens but interested enough to try it the software versions on slightly unusual subject matter.

  3. I have a more conventional attempt att fake tilt-shift here
    I used Gimp and did some work with depth-masks to get the effect as I liked it.

  4. +Mattias Eriksson much more subtle than my attempts! I have seen a whole list of instructions for doing similar in Photoshop that involve different masking techniques but as I am generally Photoshop phobic I didn't do much. Am also Gimp phobic though will use both for very specific tasks. Will happily spend hours in Lightroom though – odd I know.

    I do like the toy effect that you used a lot and intend to scale a local multi-storey car park later today to get some material to work with.

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