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  1. Love the artwork – am going to have to listen to some of there music – have no recollection of the band at all – but feel like I should have.

  2. +Steve Johnson Husker like hard rocking noise pop-I love it when it's right none better.

  3. Sound good to me – saw they grew out of punk and developed a taste for gated reverb – what is not to like? :)

  4. Excellent stuff – agree with the comments on Youtube insomuch as XTC meets Foo Fighters type vibe. great alt pop. +Mark Forman

  5. +Steve Johnson Right I would have said Beatles meet Motorhead but I digress… :D Saw XTC too, open for the Police.

  6. XTC and Police – would have liked to have been at that one :). +Mark Forman

  7. +Steve Johnson :) XTC were better-Towers of London tour. Police were already going way commercial but were still good.

  8. Police never topped Roxanne and Can't stand losing you – peaked too early :) Currently playing English Settlement on the ipod.

  9. +Steve Johnson I agree. They were a great pub band.

  10. Think Sting was still teaching when they started out – not sure about that though.

  11. +Steve Johnson Well I do know he was a jazzer and they were regular looking bunch of yobbos that got a job to do a commercial that required them to all go blonde. Drummer Stewart is brother of the label owner and then manager Miles.

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