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  1. Inventive and brilliant. I love the detail in the explanation as well.

  2. +William Mazdra Thanks! I normally go pretty light on the explanations but this one needed something.

  3. …and beautiful piece, Steve!

  4. Great title! Wonderful colors.

  5. There's some shading in the marble – almost looks like the moon !

  6. +Renee Stewart Jackson That is the bokeh the marble itself is the halo – it is just about possible to make out its ouline on the left as the image is viewed. the darker area is the marble's shadow. The resemblance to the moon gave me the idea for the treatment (it wa originally pale green) :)

  7. +Jon Savage Thanks Jon – really appreciated.

  8. that's beautiful, I'd have sworn it was the sun if I hadn't read your description!

  9. Very nice! I love how you got the look of a beautiful sunset.

  10. +Pierre Boismenu Thanks Pierre – basically desaturated and an orangey tint – to put it technically. :)

  11. +Greg Murray Thanks Greg. A lot of luck – started out life as an overexposed attempt at something very different.

  12. +Steve Johnson But you saw potential and brought it out of the original shot.

  13. Wow, this is wild stuff!

  14. +Daniel Chen Its good to cut loose now and again :) +shane holsclaw Thanks Shane+Brian Joergens thanks Brian +Greg Murray I wouldn't have given this shot another thought if I wasn;t looking through stuff that may convert to sepia and thought this one would be a little different.

  15. +Steve Johnson Bro, you're rockin' the stream. I won't comment on all of your recent posts as they all are fab to me. Great job!

  16. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence – just ideas and experiments :)

  17. +Steve Johnson I have to let you know, and everyone else, that I always look forward to your 'ideas and experiments' to help train my eyes. Nothing like deriving it from a true blue artist.

  18. +Lawrence del Mundo I am sure that I learn as much from you as you do from me. :)

  19. Oh, I really love this one. I am drawn more and more to abstract work. I think this is fantastic! Wish I could give it more than 1 plus.

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