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  1. +Nicola Davison Reed  +Armand Salmon thanks :) +John Struemph Shot this about five years ago for a bet – someone said it was impossible to get a technically good pic from a compact. Details: single undiffused tungsten construction lamp and an old Canon A550 Powershot (put CDHK on it which allowed for RAW) 

  2. Wow. I am further impressed. I have a A510 with CDHK on it, but never saw much difference with the jpeg to raw quality. And I also use some Home Depot aluminum disc lights, diffused with single sheet of copy paper ;)
     I am a fan of cheap diy tricks. Again, nicely done.

  3. I use a shower curtain held onto  plastic plumbing pipe with velcro – works really well. Like the idea of using LED lights – may have to give that a try.

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