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  1. +Steve Johnson That's Finnish. I don't know which side on the faucet – tap question I would be on

  2. I'm on the West side of the pond, but have always used both. Very nice photo, btw :)

  3. +Nate Parker I spent my first 40 years in the UK and the last 10 in the US and tend towards a really messed up version of both languages – I often get caught in two minds and once called this thing a tappet (which is something to do with the combustion engine)

  4. Ah right – I now know a hundred percent more Finnish than I did 30 seconds ago :)

  5. keep it simple, tap is a verb :) so its a faucet which can't be confused with anything else :)

  6. Very nice detail and DoF!
    While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping.
    Oh, wait! Nevermind!

  7. +Greg Murray :) at least you didn't rhyme faucet and corset …

  8. It would be faucet on my side of the pond but I do like the sound of ‘tap’ . . .

    And this photo is marvelous! The DOF is great but what really gets me is the bubbles in the water . . . very nice Steve . .

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