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  1. This is a great article for sure. I love BW photography with macro lens. Let alone take pictures of daily activities in a big city, BW photos will show a different atmosphere. I have bookmarked the site so that I can keep track of your progress in the future. Thanks and keep up the great work

    • steve

      Thanks BP
      Much appreciated (-:
      Macro B/W is a interesting as there is not that much of it out there. I enjoy the challenge!

  2. Chris

    Steve, I love your photography articles. You’ve a world of interesting information to share, but the way that you do it is so conversational, relaxed, objective yet friendly. Where some photography writing is dry and sleep inducing, yours is easily absorbed yet introduces challenging ideas.

    You’ve inspired me to spend more time with my camera and everyday life to see how I can develop ‘my eye’ for good shots. I’ve recently acquired a modestly priced Pentax SLR and I am primarily using it with a collection of film camera lenses that I haven’t touched for literally 30 years. I hope I’m not too old of a dog to learn a few good tricks.

    Cheers & Happy New Year!

    • steve

      Thanks Chris
      I try to keep it fairly light without insulting peoples intelligence! – always an interesting balance. My favorite lens is an old Nikon kit lens for a film camera – really sharp and bright and the smaller than 35mm sensor means that the edge distortion is not a problem as that falls outside of the sensor. It isn’t autofocus but I usually prefer manual anyway.

      No such thing as too old! I was using film at about the same time as you were by the sound of it but I had a break between about 1985 and 2000


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