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  1. I didn't realize that was your wife. :o) Well done!

  2. yummmm
    looks amazing
    going on the wish list!

  3. +Brianne V. Thanks! – yup Meg is the one who has to put up with me :)

  4. +eleisa barbour I am biased but the food – especially the soups are really good. I only put on about 5lbs in weight while this book was being made. It's the experimental muffins that do the damage :)

  5. +Ron Bearry Thanks Ron – These projects are fun but I am usually glad when they are finished :)

  6. I am now feeling seriously hungry! You've fed my eyes with these super shots but whetted my appetite to eat! Thanks and congrats to you both.

  7. Excellent job Steve.
    Congratulations on the completing of the project.
    It looks …delicious!

  8. Now I know why u were going after those eggs ;) Awesome work man. I will checkout rest of the pics later on!

  9. +Tom McLaughlan Thanks Tom much appreciated – it was fun but I reach a saturation point with food photography and am ready to get back outside again in search of ministracts and other urban type stuff.

  10. +Armand Salmon Thanks Armand – looking forward to turning my mind to something else now :)

  11. +Paras Shah yup that was the reason for the eggs :) No more egg photos in my immediate future.

  12. +David Kaiser I did get to eat everything that I photographed which is good insomuch as I get to eat really well for a couple of weeks but by the end of it all I want is a take out pizza and ice cream :)

  13. haha +Steve Johnson Pizza and ice cream is good too.I would love to have a wife that cooks so well :)

  14. +David Kaiser We both cook, and to be honest, it is rare for us to ever prep a meal that takes more than half an hour so including cleaning up. She used to do a lot of time consuming cooking but not so much now. Makes it easier to kee pthe weight off as well!

  15. Finally, the finished product… Well done and congratulations to you and Meg, Steve! :D

  16. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence – from the bottom of both of our hearts,

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