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  1. I really like your frames on these square photos, Steve. Do you just have a single file that you overlay over each one?

  2. beautiful! love the background too.

  3. +Matt Soave Thanks Matt. short answer no.

    Longer answer: Until a couple of weeks back I would never even use a vignette let alone a virtual frame. I was a purist I'm afraid but I found that certain images need a boundary on white web pages but while I begrudgingly accept the need I wanted the framing to be specific to the image i.e. be done mindfully and not just slapped on out of habit (guess that makes me a semi-purist now). In the case of this image, if it wasn't for the blown out sky I probably wouldn't have framed it at all.

    I've also only just started using a square format (late to that particular party I know) mainly with the intention of deepening my knowledge of composition and have found that getting a square image to work without a frame is really hard. My hunch is that the long sides of a rectangle act as a constraint, holding the image in so to speak. With a square there is obviously no long edge to tighten them up.

    Apologies for the long winded response :)

  4. +buda buda Thanks! I really never expected this to be a keeper – I shot it last night after sunset but the background surprised me so I edited it. The bokeh made a very non-descript treeline a bit interesting.

  5. I really like it! beautiful++

  6. Darris

    I like the theme . . . I can feel the chill in the air . . .

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