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  1. Wonderful point of view and DOF!

  2. +Daniel Chen Thanks Daniel – getting in position to take the shot is easy – getting back up gets a little harder every year :)

  3. there's a patch of gutter grass I've had my eye on . . . but back has been talking to me lately . . . will see what I can do . . . games and grass challenges hey ; )    you do know about +Grass Poker right?

  4. I have heard of +grasspoker but not quite sure how that works to be honest – is it just a matter of adding the link?

  5. +Steve Johnson just mention me along with the real hard working curators these days +Steven Sherwin and +David Murphy ( two wonderful folks to have in your circles if you haven't already : )  when you post a grass pic . We recently set up the page so if you feel like tagging your pic it will show up on the page . we've got some lovely inspiring images showing up there . . . It's just for fun, play once in a while or every day if you wish . . . but there are some lovely regulars out there posting some amazing grass shots : ) 

  6. A welcomed hand of grass to our humble table +Steve Johnson super bokeh elements and pov which we love within the game. I'll look forward to seeing more, thanks for the kind mention also +Jules Falk Hunter hope all's well … rest time this end : )

  7. All's well , hopefully have some grass for you to wake up to! Night +Steven Sherwin

  8. +Jules Falk Hunter Thanks for the heads up, really appreciated – I'll post soon. +Steven Sherwin Thank you for the kind words and am looking forward to browsing the work of the other players :)

  9. +Steve Johnson my pleasure, good to have some friendly quality players at the table : )  how are those game shots coming along?  played my first chess game last night in an effort to get some authentic looking images ; ) 

  10. +Jules Falk Hunter Thanks – Game shots are still in the planning stages – as is the rest of today post coffee pot :) Will have something by this evening. I haven't had a game of chess for about five years now – was never very good – too reckless :)

  11. +Steve Johnson looking forward to it : ) second coffee coming up at this end . . . I'm more of a rummy player . . . like simple rules ; ) 

  12. +Jules Falk Hunter 
    The hardest games often have the simplest rules :)

  13. Should have something for later +Jules Falk Hunter / +Steve Johnson . A day away from bricks and mortar, so my weekly share may be on the table later tonight : )
    Look forward to many more hands Steve.. glad to get another quality player at the table.

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