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  1. +Steve Johnson Like this a lot- well composed have you considered B/W? Knowing you you have and discarded same for good reason.

  2. Great composition! Something about wine glasses always catches my eye!

  3. +Jon Savage I think that I desaturated this first then added the tone (or hue to be strictly accurate) back in. I am pretty sure that I went this route to warm the image up slightly. It was a couple of years since this were shot, Exercise in negative space IIRC.

  4. +Regina Brown These one are thick heavy with lots of bubbles and flaws – had many given to use since but we always end up using this set. They feel right and hold a lot – two essential qualities of a wine glass :)

  5. +Lawrence del Mundo Thanks Lawrence – suspect that I have a long way to go yet – which is probably a good thing :)

  6. +Steve Johnson If I may… It's a never-ending journey for us mortals… Lol. :)

  7. Yes, +Steve Johnson , sounds like perfect glasses to me! I personally love heavy, not so perfect wine glasses for they have character.

  8. I love the composition, beautiful!

  9. +Lawrence del Mundo It is all process – bottom up :)

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