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  1. No idea what it is but it looks cool :) … yep, I did read glass brick and beaker ;)

  2. Thanks +Andreas Kardin ha! the beaker is the pink thing and the glass brick is the white thing – the foreground is a black card table. The lighti s coming from a window and is shining through the two objects. Bet that didn't help at all :)

  3. Thanks +raymond samson - overdosing on bokeh today – back to normal tomorrow :)

  4. overdose away Steve, great series. like where you get your bokeh from

  5. Thanks +raymond samson - I'll probably end up shooting everything at f/22 for a week to regain my equilibrium ;)

  6. Very nice +Steve Johnson. Like the reflections and the pink color in the otherwise monocrome feeling.

  7. Cheers +Robert Walter the pink made a huge difference – and I tend to default to monochrome.

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