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  1. I'm ambivalent. I'm afraid some of my favorite photogs are going to move their images over to "pages" now and I'll have to chase around circling a whole new set of pages. I'm not interested in following a business, I want to interact with fellow photographers.

    Besides, it makes it feel like FB, here come the businesses, the ads. Here comes commercialization, etc.

  2. Pages make sense (to me) for actual brands. The Apples and IBM's of the world if they're going to be part of the equation need a way to have a point of connection that is not tied to a person (ironically I'm hearing that Google Pages currently can't have more than one admin). Anyway, when Joe or Jane Intern leaves Amazon, Amazon wants to keep their fans not lose them to their former employee. That's where it makes sense to me.

    When it comes to individual photographers, musicians, artists, etc., I don't see the point. I guess if you are sharing vastly different information that may not suit the same audience it makes a little sense, but I think that would be better solved by G+ allowing us to set up channels or some such topical devices where I can say I'm posting in X areas, and you get to pick which one(s) interest you and only see those info channels that interest you.

  3. +Josephine Robertson Speaking for myself, I'm going to carry on using the main pages exactly as before and I suspect that most will do the same. I do see some advantages to the separation I must admit. At least the people who are here solely as part of a business/marketing strategy will have somewhere to go now. For myself things are more fluid – G+ has generated some income for me which I am very grateful for but that has come more from being sociable and helping out than any hard headed business strategy.

    I don't know, I really am undecided on much of this.

  4. +Mark E Tisdale " I guess if you are sharing vastly different information that may not suit the same audience it makes a little sense"

    I think this is the biggest point for me. I started out using Google+ publicly sharing posts about my career/field. But I've gained a lot of photographer followers, so I'm hesitant each time I want to share a tech article publicly; I don't want to annoy the people that followed me for photography purposes. I'd like to keep my personal profile for things that interest me and that I want to discuss, rather than trying to cater it to my followers. Once I get a photography page set up, I still plan to interact with people through it. But at least it will have a single purpose.

  5. +Mark E Tisdale Agree completely. Of course a brand doesn't have to be profit driven so other entities such as charities, clubs family reunion committees etc. would all benefit. As far as the admin situation goes, I read somewhere that they are treating that as a priority.

    I like the channels idea (thinking of You Tube here).

  6. Agreed, I chose big names, but a charity or a club is clearly again something that could outlast an individual person's association with it. Those are the entities that clearly need pages. The rest is gray to me.

  7. +Steve Johnson I responded to a similar question earlier this morn. I'll try to make this one less lengthy :)

    I feel semi guilty if I promote/sell my work on my personal profile. Some people may consider it spam. So as not to offend and to differentiate the two, I opened a page strictly to hawk my wares, make art announcements, offer giveaways, etc. This way whenever I do have something for sale, I'll drop a post/hint on my personal profile and redirect those with a link to my G+ biz page if they are interested.

    At least those are my intentions.

  8. I think channels or topics or whatever they want to call it addresses more the topical concerns people are having than having to create umpteen pages for every interest you might want to share. And personally, I feel like my circles are already crowded enough with people without now having to have Joe Bob and Joe Bob Photography and Joe Bob Travels and whatever else added to the equation.

    And from my side of the fence, I don't want yet another portal where people can contact me on top of it all.

  9. Good point +Mark E Tisdale. Do you think individuals should promote (through their individual profile) their photography as a business, though?

  10. +Matt Soave – I guess it depends on how you intend to promote. If you're constantly sending out coupons and special offers or something like that, probably a page is better, but ask yourself who wants to read that in the first place? It kind of seems to miss the point of social media to me.

    Someone follows Amazon hoping to get a good deal, why does someone follow a photographer? Are they really hoping for a 2 for 1 offer?

  11. +Mark E Tisdale Just to comment on your earlier post, there is no interaction between you and other people on pages. The only posts come directly from the owner/moderator of the page itself. (99% positive :)

  12. +Mark E Tisdale Disregard my last post. They can comment. (Too much caffeine).

  13. +Jimmie Fisher That one is tricky. I am not against marketing at all but will unfollow/uncircle relentless or 100% thinly disguised marketing.I do have more of a problem with disguised marketing than the relentless variety but that is another story. If someone posts stuff that is of value to me then if they throw in an attempt to make some money that is fine.

    Of course the marketers are going to go or be wherever their potential buyers are.

  14. +Jimmie Fisher I should add that I do sell stuff on the interwebs (not a living but more than $10 a week) so I am certainly not a purist on this by any stretch.

  15. +Steve Johnson I am in complete agreement.

    I see quite a few individuals here (and other social networks as well) who post nothing but their product listings from Etsy, eBay, Zazzle, etc.

    I provide content. I interact with others. I shouldn't feel guilty of throwing myself a bone with a little self promo occasionally :)

  16. +Jimmie Fisher If I see 'visit my website' or similar under every single post by someone my first thought is that they don't understand internet marketing, or at least the way it is now. Post interesting stuff, have a URL in the profile and mention the website occasionally is a much more effective approach.

    Your final sentence is absolutely spot on – in all fairness I think most accept that quid pro quo – if someone provides value they should be allowed to make money. What's the current theory – give away 90% and monetize 10% or similar.

  17. +Steve Johnson Well, then you're doing very well, my friend. My giveaway is more like 98% ! :)

  18. +Jimmie Fisher I said should be not is :) I really don't pay it much attention but if my number is over 1% I'd be very surprised!

  19. I 'm in a holding pattern on pages. I think they have a place for those who have entities that are bigger than a personal page. I look to use my presence on G+ to strengthen my blog and web site once I get a handle on the amount of time to be expended toward that effort.

  20. +Ed Hamlin That is basically the math I'm doing. At the moment I'm just basically linking to the more substantial articles on my blog – Google seem to be indicating that the link between Pages and our own sites is going to be a huge part of SEO and I figure that this way doesn't do any harm by either knocking a huge chunk out of my day or causing duplication issues.

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