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  1. I like this Dark ambiance! Like an old Fantastic movie.

  2. Thanks! when stuck on something Goth I think what would Evelyn do :) +Evelyn S. Lamprey

  3. Thanks +Jules Falk Hunter :) I am about to check your stream I've got really behind over the past few days.

  4. Thanks +Andre malkovitch you guessed my weakness :)

  5. Thanks +Mahlegha Kazemi I was in the mood for something a bit darker. :)

  6. No worries, haven't been posting much , so should be a short and sweet visit : ) +Steve Johnson

  7. +Jules Falk Hunter ha! I've been dipping in and out – just thought it was bad timing on my part.

  8. Beautiful! I love the shapes and the old film vibe here.

  9. +Mylah Nazario Thanks appreciated – I do really like the look of old film and anything cinematic :)

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