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  1. why not combine the two ; )

  2. Looks like a marble, and a melted marble. Great pairing.

  3. +raymond samson I tried – just got a sticky mess :) +Lynda Cochrane +Chris McNaught Thanks appreciated :)

  4. It looks awesome, did the black & white come from editing or the camera settings?

  5. +Tamara Marcus Thanks – BW was done in Editing – Lightroom. Upped the contrast and clarity (local contrast) a little – also used a bit of noise reduction (small sensor) which accounts for the slightly unnatural appearance but I sort of liked it.

  6. Bizarre and intriguing!

  7. +Kerry Murphy I try to make an effort :) seriously the whole thing started because I was curious as to whether the bubbles stayed in hair gel after it was squeezed out of the tube. I need ot get out more.

  8. Excellent image Steve :)

  9. Thanks +Francis Gorrez it was fun to shoot.

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