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  1. Funny, without the nail there I might not have known what it was. Scale-wise it could have been an ancient temple or pottery or a bell. my mind was wandering. and i like it to be deceived by images that give me an ah-ha surprise a half second later.

  2. My first thought was huge hoof of a Clydesdale!

  3. +Richard Hoefer couldn't agree more – I really like images that play with scale. 

  4. +Bette Kauffman , yes! I knew there was a familiar shape my brain was trying to form.

  5. Of course, the surface texture is all wrong for a hoof and that's what made me look again! I too love a photo that makes me do a double-take.

  6. +Bette Kauffman I see that noe (didn't before) +Thomas Jäger ha! and thanks :) +Greg Murray Thanks Greg :)

  7. This kills!  What a great shot!!

  8. Thanks +Kelli Seeger Kim doesn't hold a candle to your #thedirtytutu  offering though :)

  9. Great one +Steve Johnson It really hammers minds!!

  10. +Aleka Iakovidou Thanks –  it is about how my mind is feeling today :)

  11. So – let’s get hammered!

  12. +Thomas Jäger that sounds like an excellent idea.

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