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  1. Magic focus, beaut image: go teh brickz!

  2. Love the dof…
    Very nice +Steve Johnson!!! :)

  3. Love the photo.  The analytic side of me (which is most of me) recognizes I like it, but doesn't know why.  Thanks for sharing.

  4. The more I look at this, the more I notice, and like. Great composition and DOF, I like the light +Steve Johnson

  5. Thanks +Allan Jocson appreciated :) +Roger Kylin Thanks – I tend to over-analyze if I don't keep myself in check – saying that the appeal for me was the contrast between the hard wall and the very soft light. (I think).

  6. Thanks +Aleka Iakovidou the focus was very intentional and the light was just sort of there :)

  7. Thanks +Peter Dunn I am not a great fan of most of my own work but this one I liked.

  8. You should! I didn't mention all the leading lines above, I think you've got this spot on!

  9. Thanks +Peter Dunn I really enjoy the process :)

  10. Love the contrast Steve , and the light .

  11. +Jules Falk Hunter +Dave Renz thanks – as always :) am cooking up some more games for future weeks.

  12. +Steve Johnson sounds good . . . hoping to get some  action game shots over the holidays  . . . good incentive to switch off the box and encourage some game playing : )

  13. +Jules Falk Hunter definitely I might watch a movie tomorrow but that will be the only TV – want a day that involves as little time in front of screens as possible :)

  14. Been dying to do some game shoots…soooo dang busy tho :-(

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