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  1. Great to have you back, Steve! And thanks for the freebie! :)

  2. Yeah! Welcome back Steve! :)

  3. Good to hear from you, Steve. I've missed your posts very much.

  4. Steve, Welcome back!!

  5. +Evelyn Lamprey +Brandon Oh +Ron Bearry +Garth McKay +Susana Segat Thanks! really is good to be back – I am going to have to carve out a day to catch up with everyone's work but that will be a lot of fun.

  6. Now the vacuum will be filled and the lost time restored and the G+ world can again go on as it should!! WELCOME BACK!! +Steve Johnson

  7. Wuhoo! It's good to have you back!!!!!!

  8. +Daniel Chen Thanks Daniel – it is great to be back, really looking forward to getting back in the groove.

  9. glad to have you back +Steve Johnson congratulations on the book too.

  10. +Steve Johnson good to have you back mate ;)

  11. Good to have you you back Steve.

  12. Great to have u back.

  13. +David Kaiser Thanks David – how are the sheep? +Thorn Button Thanks! see you got your old username back.

  14. +Steve Johnson yep …since choice of name is free now ;)

  15. Welcome back – glad to see you here again!

  16. +Tricia McDonald Ward Thanks Tricia – its great to be back now that I finally have the time to participate again.

  17. i was thinking about you last night, i was going to send you an email today inquiring if you were okay. good to see you sir :)

  18. Nice to see you back +Steve Johnson – let normal service resume now the ad break is over :)

  19. +Lynda Bowyer Normal service sounds really good.

  20. +sly vegas Thanks Sly – definitely OK – just too much on my plate for a couple of months – something had to give :)

    I am usually an expert in not over-committing to stuff (being fundamentally lazy) but I got it wrong this time! Anyway everything is back to normal thankfully.

  21. hi Steve, glad you're back ;)

  22. hi Steve, glad you're back ;)

  23. amen ! i missed me some +Steve Johnson :) i just bought your ebook brutha !

  24. +sly vegas Thanks Sly – I need to take some fresh photographs – almost two months since I did anything with a camera other than a bit of reference photography.+Mike Masin Thanks Mike appreciated :)

  25. +Steve Johnson Hope things are going well for you and you get back on track real soon ;) Nice to see you around!

  26. +Jimmie Fisher Thanks – everything's more or less back to normal – or at least what passes for it around here :)

  27. HUZZAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I was disgustingly migrainey yesterday, so I missed this, but I'll totally spend the 99 cents on it! ;D So incredibly glad you're back, Steve. I've missed your incredible work very very much!

  28. +Jennifer Eden Thanks Jennifer – I'll give it another free day next week – unfortunately we can only give our stuff away for 5 days every three months so have to spread them out a bit! Amazon are great for sheer numbers but not great insomuch as 99cents is the least that can be charged.

  29. So good to see you back +Steve Johnson ! I sent a message a short while back, and here you are :) Glad all is well and Happy New Year !

  30. +Renee Stewart Jackson Thanks Renee – same to you :) sorry that I missed the message. I know that a couple slipped by me.

  31. +Renee Stewart Jackson Thanks Renee – same to you :) sorry that I missed the message. I know that a couple slipped by me.

  32. very happy to see you posting again Steve, just caught you +1-ing something over on Sam's page and was like YES! he's back!!

  33. That explains it. :) I thought you really ran out of work avoidance tactics and couldn't get back on the stream. Great to see you again, Pal! :D

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