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  1. catcontent always welcome :)

  2. he looks bored or disgusted with this :D :D

  3. +Steve Johnson thanks for the unanimated pic :)

  4. +LaDonna Pride The image catches here general feelings towards me pretty well – as far as I can guess what goes on in her little brain.

  5. +Diego Cattaneo My pleasure – I will post many more unanimated pics. (or one frame animations at any rate)

  6. She's pretty, thou :)
    Cat pictures (not animated) are welcomed

  7. +Robert Schreiner Even so, I promise not ot make a habit of it other than the occasional pic on a Saturday.

  8. Aw, +Steve Johnson – you're awesome, that's why! Your cat looks so much like a dear cat I had once. That made me smile. :)

  9. +Ulrika Suuronen I solemnly promise never to upload an animated cat pic to G+

  10. maybe you create a circle <catlovers> and post more often catcontent in it ;-)

  11. I already have a cat-persons circle – not that I've yet posted anything there, but just in case :)

  12. +Kerry Murphy Thank Kerry – tabbies are cool . This one is the most sociable yet the most grumpy cat imaginable – she has no independent streak whatsoever.

  13. Well, it's hard for me not to like a cat. I have my own kitty picture I'm waiting to unleash on the world. :)

  14. Awesome trumps cool any day, +Steve Johnson. And you sir, are Awesome!

  15. I just love cats,yours too :)

  16. A delightful cat photo!

  17. Congratulations, Steve… well deserved on the 5000. Your work on the list is much appreciated and by the looks of your cat, I'd say you must have captured this image at the exact instant he/she was about to leap into the air and shout "Way to go, Steve!". Cats so often do that, don't they?…. :) All joking aside, congratulations, your images have made all of us take a closer look at the world around us.

  18. Congrats on the milestone, Steve! :D Beautiful cat. ♥

  19. Congrats, Steve!!! Totally well-deserved!

  20. +Janet Nix Thanks Janet – seeing all of the images here on G+ really helps – so many different ideas and approaches and a lot of really cool people.

    As for the cat – I think that I was teasing her at the time (:

  21. Ha ha, just the shot I was waiting for. She does love the camera!

  22. (I've added +Susanto Ng to the emerging photographers group by the way, his macros are brilliant.)

  23. +Evelyn Lamprey Evelyn – I forgot to post the 'nice' shot on Saturday – that is still on my computer. This one is sort of midway between satanic and adorable. Will definitely post the cute one this weekend.

  24. +Lana Walker Excellent and I agree – have also added him to my own circle and would recommend others do the same – superb macro.

  25. Steve, I tried to add myself a few days ago… Should I try again?

  26. +Harmony Goodson You are currently pending – at the moment I do the approvals about twice a week. Will be working on this later today and you will be on the list within the next 12 hours (:

    Short answer: No (:

  27. Congratulations +Steve Johnson !! may well post a cat when I reach 1000 ; )

  28. +Jules Hunter Thanks Jules – suspect that we won't have to wait long for the cat photo (:

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