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  1. You rolled doubles, roll again. :P

  2. While, I agree with all that you have stated, I have to add that the naming and caption of an image will help get G+ers to view and comment on the image..

  3. Huh, thats interesting to think about. For me I think its pushed me to produce things more regularly. I've always been a prolific shooter, but I think I've become even more so since G+.
    I know that the visual feast of constant high quality photos has spurred my creativity quite a lot too.

  4. :: Photographers should not take pictures as they drive.

  5. Thank you for articulating my own thoughts so well.

  6. I completely agree with you that G+ certainly has a much more dynamic approach to sharing photographs and artwork because the people whom G+ attracts seem to have a much more open mindedness than those in other forums or social media platforms.

    I share my work on G+ simply because it's much easier for me to publish it here than have to deal with the dog-eat-dog competitive world of agents and publishers.

    Besides that, here I get real-time critiques and thoughts. Likewise, I critique (as if I could!) and praise others' works as if I were standing in a never-ending art gallery! It's simply amazing!

  7. +Daniel Enloe That's a thought – I am not sure if I am more inclined to comment on an image with or without some text. Thinking about it probably yes.

  8. I strongly agree with you. I think that some times, the title can sort of "make or break" an image for me. It can help you to think of the image in the way that the photographer sees it.

  9. It actually gets my creative juice going much more often, and one of the main propellers are the daily themes, it makes me go through the portfolio and wonder in which ones they will fit. And since im seeing so much more pictures on a daily basis it gives me more of that "i should try something like this" feeling. Its being a great ride :)

  10. I have found the feedback from G+ to be incredibly motivating. There is such a wonderful base of people here all putting themselves and there work out there. Its a beautiful thing. Titles on pictures as always been a bit of an afterthought for me but it does seem to make a difference to the way the images are viewed.

  11. I've only been G+ active for a very short time but already I am more inspired than the previous few years on other forums/sites… The quality of works posted here also force me to consider heavily before I put something out there… I anticipate this G+ experience will take my photography to a whole new level..

  12. +Kelly-Shane Fuller I've found that I've shot about the same amount but that I've really got on top of my old archives and have done a lot of re-editing often years after the fact.

    That has made for a huge discovery – my eye for framing the shot is roughly as it was but the change has come regarding the ability to see what made the shot work and using post production actively to enhance it.

    FWIW my posting here is split roughly 50/50 between archived and recent.

  13. +Halvard Johnson That took a social networking platform? :)

  14. +Sandra Parlow That really is new to me but I couldn't agree more – up until now I've always regarded titling as a bit pretentious – until I saw what people did with it here. I do like ambiguity in titles but that may just be me.

  15. I've noticed myself naming images (something i NEVER did before) and have recently started moving out of the documentarian style and tiptoeing into abstracts, which thrills me. I owe a lot of this to Google+ and the community of which I am so pleased to feel a part. I probably would have eventually ventured this route, but I think that Google+ is sort of punctuated equilibrium to the otherwise slow evolution of a photographer's personal journey. Especially for someone pretty new to photography. I have seen so much growth in many of my fellow photogs here. It is staggering and truly a joy to behold.

  16. +Luís Pedro agree totally – the themes thing also makes me revisit my archives and try different treatments, say sepia toning to an image that wouldn't normally be considered a good candidate e.g. something very modern. Even if the experiment never makes it onto G+ I have learnt something.

  17. I agree with so many of the things you just said! Other than my food postings, sometimes I don't post a photo until a title comes to mind.
    Browsing through G+ has also inspired me to take or process photographs that I have never attempted before.

  18. I am just getting going again after a 3 year break but wanted to add that I am often reluctant to title a photo because I don't want to lead the viewer into seeing what I see. Often I want them to experience an image on their own terms. It does depend on the image though.

  19. +Ron Bearry This very much mirrors my thoughts on the matter up until a few weeks ago. I always wanted to remove myself from the equation exactly because I wanted the viewer to come to the work on their own terms. This is a big change for me.

  20. They have really inspired me to keep a camera handy, something I haven't done in a long time

  21. It's really great to find such an open minded forum especially for people who shoot the kinda stuff I do which, at times, can be a little out there. Really dig this shot by the way. Love the geometry of it.

  22. Wow! I must be lucky to join G+. I've never posted my photos anywhere else other than FB, so I don't know how competitive it is. At this point, the majority of people I know here are very friendly and supportive of one another in developing their skills. I've not asked anyone for critiques so I don't know how harsh that can be. I'm not against constructive criticism, but I noticed a few unfriendly and irrelevant comments from a certain group of people. I assume they carried the bad habits from wherever they were before, so I disassociated myself from those people.

    I agree with you regarding the title +Steve Johnson. I've named my photos before, but I made an effort to add a sentence or two when posting to add another dimension. I picked up that concept from the photographers here. The daily theme entices me to try out new concepts. Some of the photos I was afraid to post for fear of getting a WTH expression, I finally edited and got some responses here. The titles and descriptions worked well with them too. I don't know where my photography is going, but I like the G+ community very much.

  23. +Jason Kowing Agree completely – a related thought – I think that I would rather a prospective client see my G+ pages or my blog than my portfolio site. Gives a much better impression of what I do and what I'm about. Unless I am approached by a blue chip firm (not likely) this is the way forward for me.

  24. +Julia Robertson Agree completely – it is excellent from a motivational point of view. I am also very keen on the punctuated equilibrium idea and will work to keep it punctuated. Just don't get me started on Hardy Weinberg principle :)

  25. +Steve Johnson I've been using titles on my photos for years and it does seem to draw increased interest and comments. Based on the flood of comments here (which I universally agree with) there seems little doubt that G+ is inspiring a lot of photographers to take more risks in their work as well as expand their range of subjects. I know my interaction with other members has really energized me and pushed me to expand my boundaries. Doing the Chinatown photowalk was a big step for me because street photography is something I've always wanted to try and now i know that I can do it!

  26. I shoot more since joining G+ and go through archives more and it's wonderful all the good open minded thoughtful people that you can interact with here! +Steve Johnson

  27. +Jim Nooney I really miss not being able to make the photo walks – that is a huge regret and may just focus my mind on a move out west. I do some street photography here but only during events – not enough happening on a normal day.

  28. +Greg Murray this place has been a great influence on my archiving – for the good. agree re the open mindedness – that was a very pleasant surprise.

  29. maybe devide into 2 ways 1 pics to G+ 2 own website under your conditions ,do your thing

  30. Really very interesting post and sentiment. I can relate to your observations and too find that i take more time to consider title now and also try to hold myself up to higher standard perhaps because we are amongst our peers here and of a high talent pool as well. It is a warm and nurturing environment which ia something you don't see too much of in photography forums.

  31. +Steve Johnson great thought provoking post. I agree with you completely. I take a lot more consideration in how to "title" my images. I think it's the peer group here on Google+ as you said and the high level of respect I have of them. I want to express my best. You also see a lot more in depth back stories to images, which I thoroughly enjoy. I honestly think the level of positive yet honest engagement has led to photographers putting more into the "complete" post than just the image stand alone.

  32. +Jeff Smith +Gary Heller Jeff, Gary, agree completely re the peer group observations – that is a huge positive and as far as I know unique, certainly on this scale.

    The lack of elitism brought about by the warm, friendly environment really is a breath of fresh air.

  33. +Steve Johnson I wanted to reply earlier but there are so many directions this thread could take I chose not to write a novel. I do agree with you though on the lack of elitism here. My experience has been one of total support and respect. Something I haven't witnessed on other photo sites (especially at this scale).

    Its this support and encouragement that I think benefits me the most. From the big named pros that offer advise to the hobby shooters. All of the feedback is truly amazing. This has been a great thread to read.

  34. +Dave Nitsche Thanks David – I think the open mindedness here is the big plus – saying that I'd be surprised if your work got a bad reception anywhere – technically and conceptually excellent. +Fred Kfoury that was one habit that I already had- now I make sure it has a card and charged battery in it ready to go though :)

  35. +Vince Dang Sorry you had that experience and pulling away sounds like the way to go. I've seen a couple of iffy comments but nothing really that goes beyond thoughtless.

    I like not knowing where my photography is going :)

  36. +Steve Johnson What a wonderful question. It's something I think about often. G+ and this amazing community has done more for my development as a photographer in 2.5 months then what I could have done in one year on my own. The bar is certainly set high… and I love that!! I've been inspired, helped and embraced. I'm not afraid to post photos, not afraid to ask for help. I've had world class photographers reach out to me. The themed days are so much fun and the feedback and assistance I've rec'd here has been more then I could have ever expected. Every day I'm happy to be here…. and your hard work, Steve has certainly been a big factor in that. Thank you!

  37. +David Bowden I agree with everything you write – it is good to know that my impressions re the attitude and atmosphere here are not off base.

  38. I just thrive on all the amazing positive feedback and camaraderie that exists here — I felt like a very small fish in a very big sea, but from day one I've been welcomed with open arms and it feels like an incredibly safe place to share and grow . I think being treated as an equal amongst so many talented people really pushes me to produce my best work. I do love connecting words with my posts, either simple titles or a line from a poem or song . I am so enjoying some of the back stories from +Christophe Friedli 's beautiful pictures too, and that does help friendships form very fast . I feel very special and connected here in a way I haven't anywhere else .

  39. OK, so I went out on a run and gave the title thing some more thought.

    Another reason I don't give my photos titles is because words escape me. It's hard for me to label things and I'm afraid my titles will sound silly or pretentious. That's why I'm a visual person and not a writer!

    So… as a challenge to myself, I'm going to title each photo I took during a recent trip to an abandoned cement factory. Oh the pressure… :)

  40. I was just telling someone earlier today about how much I appreciate the open-minded and supportive community of photographers that seems to be growing here. I see none (or extremely little) of the negativity, competitiveness and focus on stratifying participants into amateurs/professionals that can overwhelm online forums. It's wonderful. I'm inspired by people's creativity and enthusiasm, and love to hear how many photographers are growing and learning and enjoying the interaction.

  41. I haven't given the title thing enough thought (may be because people rarely see my pics here) but rest is completely true. Just the sheer amount of good pics here have help me improved tons.

  42. +Ron Bearry there is no right or wrong way to do this stuff. Do what works for you and allows you to be creative. I dont shoot as much as some people here, so I generally have story as to why I did what I did or where. I blog em, and post them here. Its not right and its not wrong, but I enjoy sharing what was going through my head when i took a shot I am proud of.

    Just keep shooting. Doesn't matter if you name them or not. In the end, its the work, the moment in time that is captured and never lost that is the real value. The rest is icing. If you have name or a story great. If not, at least you still have a great image =)

  43. what a wonderful, open post, steve. thanks for sharing.

  44. I like my viewers to experience where my image takes them in their own personal realm. Sometimes an image speaks so loudly on it's own, it needs no kitschy wordiness. Some speak in whispers and a gentle word is all they need, if that. In competition which I do often, 'Untitled' doesn't fly well and sometimes I struggle !

  45. +Renee Stewart Jackson I was a painter long before I was a photographer and I have a whole catalog of Untitled and Abstract #x . Some I titled and some I didn't. Titling is interesting and a cause of major heartburn.

  46. +c e smith Thanks – I was just taking stock and thinking about direction. More specifically I was wondering just how much what happened here fed back into my work and what were the pluses and possible minuses to that. I cannot see any minuses to be honest.

    Seemed like a good discussion topic.

  47. +Tricia McDonald Ward I have always avoided the pro/am stratification (and others) as they never leads anywhere good.

    Photography has changed so much, first with digital then with easy photo sharing and then with iPhones, cellphones etc (supply and demand) that the old distinctions are now meaningless.

  48. +Ron Bearry Good plan – nothing is set in concrete and stepping outside the comfort zone is usually good. I don't know if I'll always title or if it will depend on venue.

  49. +Daniel Chen I have got much more into post processing since I've been here for some reason – think it is the themes.

  50. +Steve Johnson Yes, totally agree. My mind still boggles at how much things have changed. I never would have imagined digital photography, let alone all these gadgets and the internet and everything! It's really amazing and wonderful, and adds so much to what is possible.

  51. +Tricia McDonald Ward The thing that really interests me is that this allows many times the number of people to get serious about photography. This takes the control of the aesthetics out of the hands of the select few who could afford the ongoing cost of film, processing and equipment. Photography now has a chance to catch up with the rest of the visual arts.

  52. I'm shooting more on my "off" time when I'm not in the studio doing product photography, and that's great. G+ has really fixed my camera burnout, when I couldn't even look at a camera on my days off. Now I'm out a lot, shooting subjects that are new to me, like big landscapes, and trying new things like IR. I'm not convinced that I ever would have gone in those directions if it wasn't for photographers I'm interacting with here. I'm experimenting a lot more with photos and posts, because it's fascinating to see how others respond to images—sometimes in very unexpected ways. I've said this before: this place is my clubhouse, where I can escape and try new things and not worry that I'm going to get judged about it. Some images are surprise successes, some bomb, no big deal. Overall I think that my work has gotten better since I've been here. The other thing I've noticed is that I too am using titles more, and sometimes short paragraphs about what I was doing when I took the photo, and sharing parts of my life—I typically don't do that at all. I don't even share that much on facebook with people I've known for ages. I think that the photos I take tell people a lot about my life anyway, but I'm more relaxed about adding more info for context.

  53. +Evelyn Lamprey That more or less exactly mirrors my experience. The clubhouse analogy is absolutely spot on – the stakes are exactly right here. I will take risks here and I really do not worry about bombing – too old for that :)

    As far as other content goes the same, I do try to operate from the point of view of whether the information is likely to be of use to anyone else – but I don't tie myself in knots over it.

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