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  1. super color and texture!

  2. +Jennifer – thanks – it was either this or a bag of frozen peas. :)

  3. Awesome photo, Steve, love the textures.

  4. Thanks Steve much appreciated :) +Steve Boyko

  5. Thanks +Lisa Crosby and for the share – appreciated ;)

  6. It looks like the Cocktail or Green Fairy nebula. Stir a the imagination. Like it a lot.

  7. Thanks +Sharon Jeannette :) +Evelyn S. Lamprey I used to stare at pictures of the night sky for hours – when the first clean Hubble images were published I was blown away – big influence. Missed the Green Fairy Nebula though :) – FWIW the background is a stained glass coaster – which has supported many beers and cocktails over the years.

  8. Thanks Celso – appreciated :) +Celso Carvalho

  9. Should be Stirs the imagination …damn auto correct.

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