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  1. Awesome contrast.. both color and location.

  2. perfect game of light and shadows

  3. Brings back memories. I grew up not far away north of there on the Michigan side.
    Ditto to the above comments.

  4. Wonderful contrast – such a really distinctive style you've developed Steve!

  5. philos in pics+++


  6. +Bernhard Rembold I haven't been over the border much lately (: but used to get to St Josephs and other places along the red arrow. Even got over to E.Lanseng campus once or twice.

  7. +David Hawkins-Weeks Thanks! think a painting background helps a lot.

  8. +Marina Chen Dunes in one direction and Lake Michigan in the other – its a cool place. :)

  9. Very, very nice. Like a monochrome painting, Steve.

    Question: Which of the Trilogy where you referring to with the title? Raiders of the Lost Ark? Temple of Doom or The Last Crusade? (didn't like the 4th installment) Lol! +Sorry about that, Buddy…_

  10. +Lawrence del Mundo ha! Indiana Doom and the Temple of Dune of course :)

  11. such awesome light and shadows! great!

  12. St. Joe is where I was born. Grew up in Stevensville.

  13. +Bernhard Rembold that is certainly local – Am way overdue a drive out that way.

  14. Actually we didn't really need to go out there to ID – but still did. We had fantastic beaches in Stevensville. Best was in winter sledding on the dunes with the toboggan and skating on the inland lakes off lake Michigan.

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