9 Responses to “Initial reactions to the G+ redesign are in…”


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  1. As in clear progress, or horrifying? :)

  2. The latter in my opinion – but I may mellow over time :)

  3. The redesign or the skulls? :)

  4. The redesign. Minimal and stark. Two of my favorite things.
    It would be great if it was just like Google.com.
    White space everywhere!
    Oh the skulls rock man!

  5. +Greg Murray Personally preferred the previous verion but this one may grow on me. I don't like the black bars on the side of squarer and portrait images though – completely alters the balance of compositions.

  6. I agree about the black bars!

  7. brain dead… that's what i feel.

  8. +Paras Shah believe me I know what you mean.

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