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  1. Thanks Peter – still getting used to the lens and what subjects it works best with. +Peter Dunn 

  2. Wonderful! Love the blur quality of the reflection :)

  3. I would love to play with some of the LensBaby kit, too many other things on my wish list first :D

  4. +Tony Escobales Thanks – I shot half a dozen all slightly different and this one came out best (I think) +Peter Dunn This one was in my range $80 – I thought about getting one before but couldn't really justify spending more than the cost of a decent 50 mm prime on something that is a bit of a gimmick. I've had more fun with this than I expected to and it has taught me a lot which is good.

  5. Hmm, thats £75 BGP including shipping for the Spark! not bad price there +Steve Johnson 

  6. One good thing with living in the US is that the internet exchange rate is often roughly a dollar for a pound as opposed to around one and a half to one. Mine was $79-95 inc shipping from Amazon.

    Houses are cheaper too :) 

  7. Alright, alright I know ;)

    Although on a serious note, my wife's from the philippines, and many times we've discussed moving back there, or maybe somewhere in America :)

    Another side, your ebook Low Cost High Impact Photography just cost me 77p!!!

  8. Excellent on the ebook price – I often wondered about that :) My wife is an American anglophile and I am an English Americanophile so where we lived all came down to cost in the end. Seriously thinking about retiring to Somerset though.

  9. That is a must!

    Even though I live in the Cotswolds now, Wells will always be home to me :)

  10. Beautiful part of the country – sure beats the rustbelt USA :) I was born in Ilfracombe Devon – my parents retired to Dorchester. +Peter Dunn 

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