22 Responses to “'Just Another Rip in the Space-Time Continuum'”


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  1. +Steve Johnson love it…

  2. +Dirk Nabel Same batch as the last one – no bright colors this time though.

  3. +Steve Johnson both are very powerful ,but it is very interesting agin and again what difference color makes . iI can see it when i work on mine one photo -two absolut different statements

  4. +Dirk Nabel color works on the brain in a very different way that tone does. My guess is that tone makes more of an impact long term but color gets the edge initially but that is only a guess.

  5. Very moody… nice work, Steve

  6. This is very cool, Steve!

  7. It is the favorite shot that boldness coexists with fineness.

  8. A haunting capture, I love it!!

  9. Wow, very cool shot! The anti-matter is eating the universe as we know it!

  10. +David La Spina It's OK, William Shatner and Patrick Stewart will save is in the nick of time :)

  11. Hehe – love the Star Trek reference.

  12. +Jason Hines At least no one said 'It's worse than that he's dead Jim'

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