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  1. Bad in so many ways. you can do better.!

  2. +Joan Mcallister I thought it was pretty good to be honest. Maybe my aesthetic sensibilities are a little different to yours?

  3. you show a few well defined stalks. but look to the back ground and the fading of the stalks. This is the difference between good and brilliant. your close but not there yet.

  4. The f/stop was chosen deliberately to fade the ones in the background. I liked the way they mirrored the ones in front but giving them equal prominence would have destroyed the composition in my opinion.

    For what its worth the front ones are more indistinct than I intended due to me leaving the in-camera noise reduction turned on by mistake. I liked the effect even though it was accidental.

    A blurred background is not the result of a failure of technique but rather an aesthetic choice.

  5. Your choices, of course as the artist. however to my eye not pretty. Have to say you made me notice you. which is rare praise.

  6. +Steve Johnson I love this shot and have taken some with a similar composition. I always enjoy your work.

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