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  1. Remember that 60's show? My favorite :) Nice shot!

  2. Fantastic image, Steve…

  3. +Holger Drallmeyer That was where the idea came from :) – watched a couple of episodes the other day

  4. Thanks +Shawn McClure I do sometimes think that I have too much free time :)

  5. +Steve Johnson - 1) There's no such thing, and 2) Even if you do, if you use it to take photos like this then no one's gonna criticize your slackin' ways…  ;-)

  6. Thanks +Manuela Azevedo and for the share – appreciated :)

  7. +Shawn McClure ha! – I also have a really understanding wife  - that helps :)

  8. I really like this one. The amount of blur, the perspective, the composition, the play with light and shadow. Beautiful photo!

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