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  1. おはようございます。

  2. おはようございます。 (Good Moring) to you too :)

  3. This is beautiful, can you tell me where this shot was taken? We have old photos of a family home on Lake Michigan. thanks

  4. +cindy bigelow About 300 yards from the southernmost tip of the Lake – Gary Indiana. – on a clear day Chicago would be visible on the left of the photo.

  5. The eerie sounds of the ice shelves come to my mind as I remember the few times I've ventured to the lakeshore during the dead of winter here in #nwindiana thanks

  6. +Steve Dalton Thanks – it is an alien world that much is for sure. Photographing it usually means getting out of the car, running up a small dune and getting a few shots in before my fingers fall off due to the cold :)

  7. I've taken many shots of Lake Michigan, but nothing as awesome as this.

  8. +Odd Jeppesen wow – praise indeed! +Mary Gotsi Thanks – appreciated.

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