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  1. oh my goodness, it's beautiful :)

  2. Nice macro shot steve :)

  3. Very pretty! This is the first time I see one this up close!

  4. +Tamara Pruessner Thanks Tamara – it was actually a set up indoor shot so I could use a small aperture and slow shutter speed. Couldn't have done this in the wild so to speak – at least not with my equipment!

  5. +Daniel Chen me too – I had no idea that this was what lavender looked like up close – was pleasantly surprised.

  6. +Steve Johnson – Oh I completely understand. Sometimes the 'wild' just is too wild to get details like this. :D

  7. I am all of a sudden smelling lavender! Thanks for a beautiful start to a wonderful weekend!

  8. This is awesome Steve, love the tones!

  9. Amazing textural quality to this.

  10. Never knew Lavender was so fuzzy!

  11. +Elke Hochban Me neither +Beth Akerman Thanks – just how much texture surprised me! +Nathan Beaulne thanks! appreciated+Melisa Lambert pleasure – hope the weekend remains wonderful :)

  12. this is really cool! love the tones…the hairs…and the little droplet. : )

  13. +shane holsclaw Thanks Shane – wondered if anyone would spot the droplet :)

  14. Gorgeous Beauty. Love the detail.

  15. Lovely… I so want a real macro lens.

  16. Like your more delicate work also…like this one! Love lavender…good for so many ills.

  17. I see your reflection in the droplet ^^

  18. +Lisa Mikulski 300mm efl, lens to an old wall projector and a tripod and a bit of a crop (: f32 for dof hence the fringing. No macro lense as such – the projector lens functioned the same was as a macro attachment would only it was/is about 12 inches long x 8 inches wide so it just sits on the table. The setup is cumbersome but fun. (:

  19. +Myrna Weinreich Thanks – I like the balance between delicate and not so delicate.

  20. +Matija Pa I wondered about that – I couldn't quite make it out but it should be there (:

  21. Holy smokes +Steve Johnson … Is your middle name Macgyver? :)

  22. +Lisa Mikulski ha! at least he had the excuse that he was saving lives and stuff. I'm just terminally curious, especially regarding optics.

  23. For a moment, I thought that was your reflection on the droplet of water, Bud… ;) Ready with your horrific Selfy later?

  24. +Lawrence del Mundo Hi Lawrence – Was just thinking of posting my last bank statement :)

  25. +Lawrence del Mundo serious answer – I'm drawing a complete blank at the moment but will have something by tomorrow – I hope. How about you – another cryptic one? I like those a lot.

  26. +Steve Johnson I already did a set of practice shots and will see if I can do it again later. :)

  27. This is so dreamy and beautiful!!

  28. +Lawrence del Mundo A true professional! :) I have been photographing food for my wife's next cook book all week and it is really hard to go from food porn to b movie type schlock horror – for me it is at any rate.

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  29. That magical droplet did the trick. Loved this shot +Steve Johnson.

  30. +Paras Shah Thanks – I thought it added something :)

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