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  1. +cesar lopez seoane Thanks – it was a really nice this morning – not as harsh as usual.

  2. love the depth of field!

  3. Ooooh, this is fantastic!

  4. I'm glad it's a good morning +Steve Johnson and welcome to my world!!
    have a good day!

  5. +Steve Appleby Sliders and software. the original image was sharp back to front. – still feels a bit like cheating :)

  6. +cesar lopez seoane we are looking to move out to the West Coast USA at some point – get away from this MIdwest light :) (absolutely no offense to the Midwest – wonderful place apart from the light and climate)

  7. +Steve Johnson I know nothing of there…
    inclement weather where you live?

  8. minimalistic brilliant !

  9. +cesar lopez seoane Near Chicago – brutally cold winters and hot humid summers. Spring and Fall are just rumors. 80 degrees F and humid today – another year it would be 25F and I'd be shovelling snow!

  10. +Thorn Button I still have a love hate relationship with bokeh – part of me sees blurring as cheating but I'm working on that :)

  11. +Steve Johnson oohhh!!!
    I'm a fan of chicago!!!
    perhaps by the great Michael Jordan :))
    is a site that I would ever visit..

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