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  1. whoaa! great B&W capture!

  2. +raymond samson +min jee li Thanks! not sure how well it works as a photograph but one sidewalk in shade and the rest of the street in bright sunlight was worth a snap.

  3. I can't say the exact words.. but its just too good for me! (how'd you do that?)

  4. looks like hdr ish on picasa, the highlights are great

  5. +min jee li thanks – nothing to it really.

    I shot it from a parking lot – the kids at the front were standing underneath a bridge that cast the shadow. It wasn't a planned shot – I just thought that the silhouettes looked kind of cool and had my point and shoot camera on me.

  6. +raymond samson bit of help from Lightroom – the hard highlights and iffy anti aliasing are actually a flaw with the camera – a Lumix something or other – the 16X zoom one – great little camera but that is a flaw.

  7. actually turned out as a great effect in this one i think . i have a lumix as well, but have not been using it as much.

  8. +raymond samson My overall unscientific take on the Lumix is that it is a great camera if you are prepared to work with its quirks rather than try and fight it – hoping to get perfect colors or tones will be a depressing experience :)

  9. exactly my experience , gave up on it but might try to work with it again after seeing this shot! also find the shutter a bit slow, already did the formatting, just went a bit faster.

  10. +raymond samson about 90% of what I post here is shot with it – just about everything bar the narrow dof stuff. I do find that reducing the resolution to 7 or even 5 mp really helps as well as dropping the exposure by 1/3 of a stop. 

  11. Tis grand, this – great light play.

  12. what do you use for your narrow dof shots?

  13. +raymond samson Nikon d40x and a f/1.8 50 mm lens

  14. use the same lens, the 50mm is great for it's price

  15. +raymond samson I was thinking about the 1.4 but three times the cost was too much for the use I'd get out of it. No regrets, a little soft at f/1.8 which doesn't bother me at all but at around f/4 it is as sharp as any lens I've ever used regardless of cost. 

  16. was thinking about the 1.4 but i was talked out of it for the same reason you mentioned. i'll remember f/4 next time i use it. 

  17. +raymond samson That lens hardly ever comes off the camera now – just about the best $100 I ever spent.

  18. hey, that's also great for street shots, just have to get closer to the subject though.

  19. but the thing about your shots for me is they all have a quirk to them if that makes sense to you and it's not from any lens

  20. I like 50mm (75 mm efl) as a walking around lens bust most street photographers I know who do it a lot more than me like to work with 35 mm. 

  21. +raymond samson The eye is more important than the camera – that much is for sure :)

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