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  1. wow a lot of snow :) long ago since we had that much

  2. +David Kaiser We usually get a few falls like this a year – not last year though.

  3. is this your neighborhood Steve?  gorgeous snowy capture, lovely leading lines and snow capped wheelie bins : ))

  4. +Jules Falk Hunter Yup – 100 yards from my house. I'm a sucker for wheelie bins, especially snow capped ones :)

  5. +Steve Johnson makes them look kind of friendly , like they're huddled up for warmth and a bit of a chat ; )

  6. +Jules Falk Hunter I will never look at a wheelie bin in the same light again (Or curse mine when I tip ice and snow all over my feet when I put them out on trash day ;)

  7. This is great!  What awesome textures in the snow…great processing…love the blur :)  Well done +Steve Johnson !

  8. Lovely pre – Xmas capture and atmosphere +Steve Johnson !

  9. insta fav Steve, beautiful!

  10. Thanks +Dave Renz Snapseed (Windows version) :) so-called tilt shift and a tweak on the contrast.

  11. Thanks +Aleka Iakovidou I'll be happy with less atmosphere this year :)

  12. Thanks +Sam Weinstein really do appreciate that :)

  13. Love it Steve, wonderful tilt shift snowy goodness!

  14. Thanks +Jeff Smith was worried that I'd overdone the fake tilt shift a bit :)

  15. Perfect processing mate! It really compliments the mood of the shot.

  16. I love everything about this, it's grungy and magical and evocative and sublime!

  17. Thanks +Jeff Smith to be honest I was just going through my Flickr stream to find something to test the desktop version of Snapseed on. The tilt shift filter is as good as anything else I've used other than the PS one but that is much more work :)

  18. Wow thanks +Evelyn S. Lamprey coming from you (who in my book owns grungy – and that is a compliment btw) that means a lot thank you :)

  19. Thanks, I want to own grungy, so I'm delighted you think that. +Steve Johnson

  20. +Evelyn S. Lamprey in my mind you also own gothic (that is also a compliment) 

  21. YES!  Those are the pictures I live for.

    Though I have to say, +John Sutton is my rural gothic hero. He makes brilliant images of all the dark, lonely, old places.

  22. Agree completely re +John Sutton - I don't have to see a name to recognize yours or John's work instantly.

  23. Thank you for that , Evelyn. +Evelyn S. Lamprey  :)

  24. This is fabulous! I love the oof area at the top. Nice one!

  25. Thanks +Sinead Sam McKeown much appreciated – the oof was software produced as opposed to a dof effect in this case though :)

  26. +Steve Johnson Still counts and I still love it ;)

  27. Thanks – I only had my point and shoot on me at the time :)
    +Sinead Sam McKeown

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