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  1. +Craig Froehle not something that I'm told to do every day – I'm happy to say :)

  2. This is very cool steve!

  3. 3 6 9. Goose drank wine. Monkey chewed tobacco on the street car line. Line broke. Monkey got choked and they all went to heaven in a little row boat. :-) +Steve Johnson

  4. +Greg Murray  oops –  close but no cigar :)

  5. It doesn't really make sense but we used to say it as kids. +Steve Johnson

  6. Thanks +Maire Thompson I really appreciate that ;)

  7. Fave pic yet Steve… Nice one!

  8. Very interesting shot, +Steve Johnson . Assuming you shot this with a macro lens of some sort?

  9. +J.D. Begin Thanks.  Shot with Nikon D3100 and standard 18 – 55mm VR kit lens at the 55mm end. IIRC the lens can focus at abour 11 inches from the sensor at all lengths and this was shot at about that distance. 

    Edited in Lightroom 4

  10. Thanks for the info. I shoot with a Nikon D5100 and have the 18-55 mm kit lens. I'll try shooting something similar with that lens and my macro to see how close they appear. Best, J.D.

  11. +J.D. Begin IIRC a 10X diopter on the end of the 18-55mm lets me get about three inches closer (I think). Of course is something is for screen there is always the cropping option :)

  12. Amazing idea, great shape!

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